Using our Voices
to Strengthen Democracy

State Voices Florida supports a powerful network of over 100 Florida-based 501(c)3 nonprofit coalitions fighting for multiracial democracy and political power using data, civic participation, and grassroots organizing.

Our work is guided by a simple mission: to use data and technology, people-powered campaigns, and coalitions to collectively build a multiracial democracy that allows every Floridian to thrive and live in their full dignity. We are a member of the State Voices Affiliated Network, a network of state-based coalitions, advocates, and organizers fighting for a healthy, multiracial democracy.

Our partners range from large national organizations with hundreds of employees to small nonprofits based out of a single county or even a single neighborhood. We provide support and tools to nonprofit partners regardless of size, to improve infrastructure while increasing capacity for all of our partners.

Our voices are our power. We will be heard!

The path to power and equality begins in these key areas:
Civic Engagement, Civic Access, and Civic Representation


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Partner With Us

State Voices Florida is only as successful as our partners! We strive to assist our partner organizations to help us make our state the best Florida it can be for ALL people. If you are part of an organization that has been looking for a way to connect and collaborate with like-minded partners, we’re here to help! Please click on the link below to learn how to join our network of over 100 organizations throughout Florida.


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