Our Programs department provides support to our table partners, with a focus on voter registration and quality control. Our team provides training, resource documents, workgroup facilitation, and quality control assistance, as well as facilitating strategic planning for partnership collaborations. The department also advises on workgroups related to key priorities our partners are advocating for. These workgroups meet frequently throughout the month to provide real-time updates on Florida election changes and much more.

We offer our partners a variety of tools to support our shared efforts:

  • Data tools: access to a c3 VAN committee and VAN support, EveryAction, FreshDesk
  • Communications tools: ThruText, ThruTalk, Spoke, Meltwater,
  • Quality control tools: Blocks

Our partners’ work includes voting rights, election administration, COVID-19 awareness, Florida ID card requests, defense of reproductive rights, fighting for racial equity, climate, and more.

Partner Tools: Data access to a c3 VAN Committee and VAN Support, EveryAction, FreshDesk, and communications tools like ThruText, ThruTalk, Spoke, Meltwater, and Quality Control through Blocks.

Programs Department Partner Support: Our Programs team provides training, resource documents, workgroup facilitation, quality control assistance, and partnership collaboration strategic planning facilitation.

There are currently several coalition leadership meetings that SVFL participates in or co-leads facilitation of. These meetings are closed workgroup and planning spaces to bring back to the larger Voting Rights Coalition.


SVFL also participates in or co-facilitates several coalition leadership meetings. These meetings are closed workgroups and planning spaces that inform the larger voting rights coalition.

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