About Us

State Voices Florida (SVFL) helps grassroots organizations build year-round, long-term community involvement through civic engagement. SVFL has employed the principles of collective impact to help partner organizations build their capacity through data analysis, shared resources, and amplifying the voices of BIPOC communities.

Our collective work drives integrated civic engagement through three distinct programs: Civic Engagement, Civic Access, and Civic Representation. SVFL provides training programs for organizers and hosts a robust fellowship program that works on building a bench of organizers ready to do the work needed throughout Florida’s diverse and marginalized communities.

It’s our collective duty to end the systemic, relentless disenfranchisement targeting communities of Black, Latinx, API, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC), women, low-income Floridians, and young Floridians. The work we do is guided by a simple mission: to use data and technology, people-powered campaigns, and coalitions to collectively build a multiracial democracy that allows every Floridian to thrive and live in their full dignity. We do this to eradicate white supremacy and oppressive systems, and to create equitable systems and a
true democracy in their place.

SVFL sustains this work through the collective action of its 100+ partner organizations. Working together, SVFL provides the data, communications tools, and support partners’ needs to help create a healthy and thriving democracy. This year-round work is essential to creating a more accessible, inclusive, and representative democracy through organizational support and voter education.

Our History

Building a true, multiracial democracy takes more than just one election cycle. In the past, important nonpartisan civic engagement work was happening in our communities, but far too often organizations worked in silos, independently of one another. Crucial issues and opportunities often fell through the cracks or were undertaken piecemeal because no one group can tackle the full scope of work alone.

State Voices Florida was launched in the early 2000s to further the efforts of combined community organizing and advocacy throughout the state. Our organization works to coordinate the civic engagement work being done by our partners across South Florida, the I-4 corridor, and North Florida, and we are growing to include partners across the entire state every day.


Our Mission

State Voices Florida unifies our partners around a common agenda to strengthen our democracy, fortify organizations and their leaders, and amplify the voices of the underrepresented. We know we can accomplish more together than any one of us would ever be able to accomplish alone.

By centering the leadership, experiences, voice, and votes of Black, brown, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous people (BIPOC), women, low-income Floridians, and young Floridians we can create a path to power and a thriving democracy.

Together, we can all build the power needed to break down barriers to civic participation, restore confidence in government, engage historically overlooked populations, and recenter public discourse on racial and socioeconomic justice.

Partner with Us

State Voices Florida is only as successful as our partners! We strive to assist our partner organizations to help us make Florida the best Florida it can be for ALL people. If you are part of an organization that has been looking for a way to connect and collaborate with like-minded partners, we’re here to help! Please click on the link below to learn how to join our network of over 100 organizations throughout Florida.


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