Voting by Mail Must be Protected

January 9, 2024

Voting needs to be easier….not harder

Tallahassee, FL – Last week Senate Bill 1752 was introduced. This legislation would limit access to vote by mail, which is now available to any registered voter who requests it.

State Voices Florida opposes this legislation. We believe everyone should have the right to vote, and voting should be simple and easy. SB 1752 will make it more difficult for all Floridians to vote regardless of their politics.

The following is a statement from Juanica Fernandes, executive director of State Voices Florida.

“Florida has had one of the best vote by mail programs in the country. Any registered voter can request a ballot and is not required to give a reason why they want to vote early.

“It should be noted it was former Governor Jeb Bush and a Republican Legislature who initiated no-excuse voting by mail. It benefitted all Floridians and should be maintained the way it is now.

“This should not be a partisan issue. The entire state benefits when more people vote, and often more Republicans than Democrats take advantage of voting by mail. We hope the Republican controlled State Legislature strongly rejects this measure and keeps the model vote by mail system voters have enjoyed for the last 20 years.”

State Voices Florida is a statewide civic engagement organization committed to bringing together progressive 501(C)(3) organizations to work together in building power around civic issues.  You can learn more about the organization here.


Contact: Larry Hannan/State Voices Florida /(239) 253-8952