State Voices Florida condemns legislation that would prohibit drop boxes

February 20, 2024


Tallahassee, FL – A State Affairs Committee elections bill filed Monday introduced legislation that would prohibit drop boxes for people to turn in their absentee or vote by mail ballots unless they are in the physical offices of county supervisors of elections or at an early voting polling place during hours when early voting can occur. If passed, PCB SAC 6 would ban almost all drop boxes that have worked effectively and safely in previous Florida elections.

The drop boxes have not gotten the attention of other aspects of the bill. But State Voices Florida condemns the banning of drop boxes and urges all legislators in the House and Senate to oppose it.  It will make it harder to vote in Florida, but won’t make our elections more secure.

The following is a statement from State Voices Florida Executive Director Juanica Fernandes.

“If this legislation becomes law it will be harder for everyone to vote in Florida. And when we say ‘everyone’ we mean people across the political spectrum. Republicans first pushed vote by mail and it’s clear that many very conservative voters rely on drop boxes.

“The state has already limited the use of drop boxes to early voting hours. And despite the conspiracy theories the evidence shows that drop boxes are a safe and secure way of getting your ballot counted.

“We urge the Florida Legislature to reject this undemocratic legislation. Let’s all agree to make voting easy while keeping it safe and secure. It’s what the public of all political persuasions wants.”

Contact: Larry Hannan/State Voices Florida, /(239) 253-8952

State Voices Florida is a statewide civic engagement organization committed to bringing together progressive 501(C)(3) organizations to work together in building power around civic issues.  You can learn more about the organization here.