2020 Lookback Report

Our collective work helps build a stronger democracy where all voices are represented. State Voices Florida looks ahead to the 2022 election to continue to support our network of partners and ensure we’re building a coalition of civic-minded groups committed to fighting for our voices year-round.

From COVID-19 to ballot access restrictions, 2020 was filled with its fair share of challenges, but together, we were able to continue building on our progress towards a better democracy for all Floridians.

Election Lookback Report 2020

Check out our 2020 Election Lookback Report to learn about the tremendous work accomplished by SVFL in collaboration with our over 100+ partner organizations.

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Partner With Us

State Voices Florida is only as successful as our partners! We strive to assist our partner organizations to help us make our state the best Florida it can be for ALL people. If you are part of an organization that has been looking for a way to connect and collaborate with like-minded partners, we’re here to help! Please click on the link below to learn how to join our network of over 100 organizations throughout Florida.


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